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“Matt was fantastic! His local area knowledge and expertise enabled us to locate and negotiate a fantastic investment opportunity. We will continue to use Matt for all our Sth NSW Coastal Purchases”

Matt B

“Trustworthy!…Top investment and I am certain we would not have found it without him. Also he negotiated the price down lower than we would have got it.... covering his fee easily.  Great honest service and no bull - a straight up guy and a pleasure to deal with.”

Jake K

“Matts perspective on property comes from years of experience. I have felt completely comfortable working with Precium on property projects. My latest deal in Culburra which is a reno and subdivision project looks to be my most profitable yet. Highly recommended.”

Jonathon P

"We’re really happy with the final outcome. The front property on the now-smaller block is still worth the $475K which paid for the whole block (thanks to a bit of capital growth). Which means we effectively have a free 500m2 block of land (apart from costs). We’re about to start building a 4 bedroom house on the new block (hopefully next month) which should give us a great cashflow outcome for the two properties combined.

This will be the final piece of our property portfolio for the foreseeable future (we will have 6 properties when the new build is done)"

Matt C

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